Inter Air Company Taiwan Was Established in 1992.

Inter Air Company Ltd. has 5 staff exclusively dedicated to cargo sales and development. During these 22 years in the market, Inter Air staff has provided reliable and professional service to many airlines. Our relationship with forwarders for honesty and confidentiality as well as high level of service has earned us a unique position within the forwarding community. Over the years Inter Air has represented only offline carries. 
We are very experienced in developing such offline carriers and providing the operational support and information flow necessary.

Our office is located in downtown center of Taipei, which is most convenient for forwarders and coordination with interline carriers.

Inter air organization is centered on the principal of dedicated staff for each airline.. In addition the MD is out selling at least 75 & of the time. Our accounting and administrative staff services all airlines but adapts to the special reporting and formatting requirements of each airline. Our philosophy of dedicated sales and operation staff insures that we can provide the maximum flexibility to meet all clients requirements. 

There are 1000 forwarders in Taiwan. The top 200 forwarders are close colleagues and friends of Mr.Dennis Chou our MD and of our sales staff.

Contact Person

Dennis Chou | Director
Mobile: +886-2-87121836